Transcurridos 20 años desde la Carta del Turismo Sostenible


  • Eduardo Fayos-Solá Ulysses Foundation - Universidad de Valencia
  • Heredina Fernández betancort E.U. Turismod e Lanzarote (ULPGC)
  • Cipriano Marín Cabrera UNESCO


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Transcurridos 20 años desde la Carta del Turismo Sostenible


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Eduardo Fayos-Solá, Ulysses Foundation - Universidad de Valencia

Extensive experience in Tourism Policy and Governance, with over 25 years of service at the United Nations World Tourism Organization --as Director for Europe and Executive Secretary for the UNWTO Knowledge Network-- and at the Government of Spain --as Director-General for Tourism Policy and Spanish Representative for Tourism at the European Government in Brussels. He is a UNWTO Ulysses Laureate, a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, and has been Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Valencia since 1988. He has led research and policy implementation missions in over 100 countries worldwide. He is the Founding President of the UNWTO Themis Foundation and the architect of the TedQual Certification. His professional interests include destination management and public-private policies, focusing on tourism for development, policy and governance, and science, technology and innovation




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Fayos-Solá, E., Fernández betancort, H., & Marín Cabrera, C. (2015). Transcurridos 20 años desde la Carta del Turismo Sostenible. PASOS Revista De Turismo Y Patrimonio Cultural, 13(6), 1295–1296.




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